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Hailed as the King of Flowers, Rosa damascena, or more commonly known as the
Damask rose,
has been the symbol of love, purity and beauty. Besides being a
fragrant ornamental plant, it is known to possess several pharmacological properties
including antibacterial andantioxidant properties.It is also used as a relaxant
to soothe the mind.

At NED, our Swiss Rose skincare range contains rose extract,a rich source of vitamins,
minerals and antioxidants.It has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin,
astringent properties to improve skin elasticity, antiseptic properties to treat acneic skin,
and anti-inflammatory properties for relieving redness and inflammation.

Above all, NED Stem Cells skincare range is developed from Swiss technology
by a team of dermatologists and biochemical scientists. It targets at skin issues
commonly faced by Asian women and takes climatic factors into consideration.  

So, let NED Stem Cell skincare help you regain your radiant, youthful skin
so that your beauty and self-confidence can shine from within!

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