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LAFIO VividMatte Intense Lipgloss Mousse Melt


Create a face of freshness and radiance when you glide on LAFIO VividMatter (Mousse Melt). Perfect for both work and play, you will be emitting a natural glow that complements your skin tone. Conceals minor imperfections on your lips while adding a lustrous shine to effortlessly achieve the perfect no-make makeup look.

How to use

  1. Start applying the gloss from the center of your lips and glide the applicator along the contours of your mouth.
  2. For a more intense and dramatic colour, you may apply a second coat.
  3. Blot excess with a tissue or simply to make them appear more matte.


Using only the finest igredients and a tested formulation to offer that candy apple-like shine, pamper your lips with LAFIO VivedMatte (Mousse Melt). This long-lasting liquid lacquer with its stay-true colour is enriched with vitamins for moisture and hydration that promises lasting, wearable comfort. Thanks to the the ultra smooth and silky consistency of the gloss, you can ahieve that fresh, dewy look with just a single swipe of the applicator. It’s more than just a basic gloss.

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